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Moselle, Maifeld and Eifel

Moselle, Maifeld and Eifel

Colourful landscapes and picturesque villages

The Moselle

The Moselle region with its idyllic river course is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday areas in Germany. It offers countless sights, ancient cultural monuments, unique nature, excellent wines and much more ...

The Mayfield

The Maifeld holiday region has something to offer for every taste. A colourful landscape opens up to the guest, which in spring is enchanting with bright yellow rapeseed fields and in summer is dominated by golden blowing cornfields. In the immediate vicinity of the Maifeld plateau lie the romantic river valleys of the Moselle and Rhine, as well as the wooded hills of the Eastern Eifel with their maars, the craters of the great volcanoes that keep the earth's history of the region alive.


City of Münstermaifeld (3 km)

Small town with medieval town centre, collegiate church, old probstei, owl tower, water tower, museum of local history.

The Shrink Valley

Hiking and cycling in the wildly romantic Mühlental. Explore a charming, unspoilt piece of Maifeld between Metternich and Hatzenport (Moselle). There are 15 unique mills along a winding ancient road following a mountain stream.

A valley in paradisiacal Sleeping Beauty sleep that only awakes every 2 years to a unique event "Happy Shrink Valley".

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The Eifel

The home of the Maare, the legendary Nürburgring or the beverage giants Gerolsteiner and Bitburger with its unique natural landscape has developed into an attractive tourist spot away from the noise of the big city.

The maars created by volcanism have always been fascinating. The maars are crater lakes, in volcanoes extinct about 10,000 years ago - the blue eyes of the Eifel. Therefore, it is not surprising that even today, a large number of nature lovers and people seeking peace and quiet, mostly under nature conservation maars visit. Especially the 8 water-filled maars, which are all located in the Volcanic Eifel, offer with an interesting leisure offer and their idyllic location the ideal place to go for a rest.

A further interesting aspect of the Eifel are the many picturesque villages (e.g. Monreal) with their partly historical village centres, which make every tour through the Eifel a worthwhile voyage of discovery.

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