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Further sights and experiences

Suspension rope bridge Geierlay - free of vertigo in airy heights

On the longest hanging rope bridge in Germany in the Hunsrück 360 m long and 100 m above the ground. The bridge is an attraction for those who are free from vertigo and adventurers! Following the example of Nepalese hanging rope bridges, the "Geierlay hanging rope bridge" swings from one bridgehead to the next.


Lake Laach and Maria Laach Abbey (35 km)

One of the youngest volcanoes in Germany left behind a crater more than one kilometre in diameter when it erupted about 10,000 years ago. The lake is home to the famous Maria Laach Abbey and a natural history museum.
Laacher See


Volcano park/ Geysir Andernach (28 km)

Embark on a time travel into the world of the Eifel volcanoes. Experience 500,000 years of earth and human history at 26 unique original locations in the volcanic Eastern Eifel. The geyser in Andernach certainly offers a nature spectacle of the special kind: every 1 ½ hours shoots a water fountain up to 60 m for eight minutes and amazes the visitors.


Nürburgring (35 km)

The most famous race track in the world with its new impressive world of experience for young and old.


Eifel National Park

The new National Park with its breathtaking lake landscapes.


Shrink valley (4 km)

Hiking and cycling with mill romance, a charming, unspoilt piece of Maifeld to explore.


Volcano park

A project around the volcanoes in our homeland with numerous sights and activities.


Lava Dome - German Volcano Museum in Mendig

The interior shows a unique collection of volcanic rocks and minerals from the Laacher Lake area in several exhibition rooms. From the volcano museum you can get directly to the impressive historical rock cellars, which are located 30 metres underground on an area of 3 square kilometres.


Roman Buildings Trier/ UNESCO World Heritage

400 years of Romans in Trier: In Germany's oldest city, monuments from Roman times have been preserved. Trier's best-known landmark is probably the Porta Nigra. Three former thermal baths and the amphitheatre, still a venue today, reflect everyday Roman life. In the Kaiserthermen, antique festival arrows are full to bursting every summer.


Slate gallery Charlotte (visitor's gallery) in Treis-Karden

The tunnel lies in the romantic Flaumbach valley between the Treis district and the Maria Engelport monastery. The access road is signposted. Until shortly before the outbreak of the First World War (1914) roofing slate was mined in the slate gallery "Charlotte". Information boards and equipment inform the visitor about slate mining and slate recycling.
Information: Robert Kastor family, Flaumbachtal 3, 56253 Treis-Karden, Phone 02672/1369


Visit the masterpieces with the FreizeitCARD Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland!

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